Dessert Assortments

Dessert Assortments

  • Yogurt Bar with Toppings
  • Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Fresh Whole Fruit
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Ice Cream Sundae Station
  • Brownies ala Mode
  • Espresso Bar with Cordials
  • Fresh Cannoli’s

Dessert Table: Layered cakes, fresh baked cookies, Italian pastry, bars & brownies, sliced fruit, chocolate fountain and Espresso bar

Pastry Towers: (Wedding Packages & Dinner Menus): Italian pastry, bars, and cookies
Dessert Towers: (Lunch Menus): Brownies, bars & cookies

Crepe Station: (Choice of One)

  • Fruit Salsa
  • Cannoli Cream
  • Fresh Blueberry
  • Chocolate Mousse

Mini Dessert Assortments: Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Brownie Shortcake, Strawberry Banana Milkshake, Pineapple Bliss, Lemon Cake Parfait, Cannoli Cups


Gala Wedding

Gala Wedding

A special wedding offering with a creative menu of chef made items and all the rich amenities,

and enhancements that will make your wedding truly a Gala event.


  • Maître d’ service
  • 5 hour full service premium open bar
  • Opening champagne toast
  • Wine on the tables
  • Colored up-lighting
  • Color coordinated linens
  • Hand decorated floral towers
  • Champagne colored chair covers
  • Lawn games (in season)
  • Water view deck and grounds

Social Hour

Appetizer Table

A center piece table with tempting cocktail treats that your guests can enjoy

while socializing with friends and family

Seafood Station

Mediterranean mussels in a broth of white wine & herb spices

Ceviche, with shrimp, scallops, and calamari

Crab cakes with remoulade sauce

Firecracker shrimp: lightly battered shrimp served with a creamy sweet & hot chili sauce

Sushi – California rolls

Pasta Station

Pasta station with three chef made sauces and featuring imported pasta

Passed hors d’oeuvres

A wonderful assortment of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and canapés continually passed butler style

Artisan Cheese Station

A variety of handmade cheeses, produced from local New England farms and other cheese producing countries. The assortment is served with water crackers and garnished with grapes and berries.



Starter: Sea Cliff signature salad served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Choice of two entrees:

  • Fillet Mignon & Jumbo Shrimp
  • Chicken Piccata & Jumbo Shrimp
  • Lime Marinated Grilled Salmon & Jumbo Shrimp
  • Vegetarian Entrée is Included
  • ***Lobster tails poached in butter & Fillet Mignon ~ additional $22.00 p.p.

Served with chef selected accompaniments


  • A tiered wedding cake of your choice served with freshly brewed coffees & teas
  • Pastry towers on each table
  • Espresso & cappuccino bar

Gatsby Brunch Wedding

Gatsby Wedding Brunch

Enjoy our finest brunch while enjoying the natural water view of Sea Cliff.

The Gatsby Brunch is a four hour wedding that features a blend of chef created,

Hors d’oeuvres, breakfast items and signature entrees that will please your guest’s pallets

at this one of a kind wedding celebration.


Red & White Sangria, Bloody Marys, and Mimosas

Social Hour

Handmade hors d’oeuvres

Choice of one:

  • Classic eggs benedict served with hollandaise sauce
  • Croquet Madame egg tarts served with a Mornay sauce

Choice of pasta:

  • Roman style pasta primavera
  • Penne ala vodka


(Choose two entrees from our selections)

  • Honey dijon breast of chicken
  • Waffles & southern chicken tenders
  • Chicken picatta
  • St. Lewis Roast, rubbed with 7 herbs & spices
  • Bourbon glazed tenderloin of pork
  • Mediterranean mussel, cod & tomatoes
  • Baked scrod with crab stuffing


  • Tiered wedding cake of your choice
  • Coffees, teas, soft drinks & juices


Bistro Cocktail Wedding

Bistro Cocktail Wedding

A wonderful relaxed wedding, where your guests can socialize, eat, drink and dance during all five hours.

The menu offers many chef made items including fusion creations popular in today’s lifestyle.



  • Maitre d’service
  • 5 hour premium open bar
  • Opening champagne toast
  • Color coordinated linens
  • Hand decorated floral towers
  • Water view deck and grounds

Inviting Table of:

  • Fresh vegetable crudites with dipping dressing
  • Cheese display garnished with fruit and served with soda crackers
  • Thai noodles with vegetables
  • Roasted red pepper hummus
  • Caesar Salad

Slicing Station: St. Lewis Roast & Honey Glazed Ham served with assorted condiments and select breads.

Passed Tapas Sized Appetizers

  • Asian dumplings with dipping sauce
  • Bistro flat bread pizza
  • Pork tenderloin with caramelized onions on a toasted pita
  • Thai chicken satay’s
  • Fried ravioli with a zesty dipping sauce
  • Bini’s with herb cheese and salmon
  • Empanada’s with dipping sauce
  • Steak burger sliders with cheese
  • Addictive sweet potato and black bean burritos
  • Meatballs sliders
  • Fish tacos with chipotle sauce
  • Pups baked in a pretzel dough and served with horseradish mustard
  • Creamy parmesan canapes
  • Chicken parmesan sliders
  • Firecracker Shrimp
  • Bruschetta with pancetta and white beans


  • A tiered wedding cake of your choice
  • Served with freshly brewed coffees and teas


The Comfort Cocktail Party

The Comfort Cocktail Party

A casual relaxed cocktail party menu that features an encompass assortment of hors d’oeuvres and tapas treats. Add one of our many bar assortments to this menu, then join the party.

An Inviting Table of:

  • Fresh vegetable crudités with dipping sauce
  • Cheese garnished with fruit and served with soda crackers
  • Thai noodles with vegetables
  • Caesar salad

Passed Treats

  • Asian dumplings with dipping sauce
  • Gourmet flat bread pizza
  • Pork tenderloin with caramelized onions on a toasted pita
  • Thai chicken satay
  • Fried ravioli with a zesty dipping sauce
  • Binis with herb cheese and smoked salmon
  • Bruschetta with pancetta and white bean
  • Pups baked in pretzel dough and served with horseradish mustard
  • Creamy parmesan canapes
  • Empanadas
  • Meatball & cheese sliders

Late Night Snack Options

Late Night Snack Options

  • Pretzel Station:

New York style soft pretzels served with assorted toppings; whipped butter,

sugar & cinnamon butter, fruit preserves and chipotle sauce    

  • Popcorn Station:

White cheddar, caramel and truffle salt served in carnival paper cones

  • S’mores Station:

Marshmallows, chocolate, and gram cracker display with an open flame for roasting

  • Burrito Station:

Addictive sweet potato and black bean burritos served with olives, sour cream and onion

  • Hot Dog Station:

Fix your own, served with a variety of condiments to choose from       

  • Flat Bread Pizza Station:    

Cherry tomato, mushroom, & arugula
Fresh tomato, mozzarella, & basil
Caramelized onion, mozzarella, & prosciutto

  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Station:

            Served on a warm croissant

  • Sliders:

Choice of chicken parmesan, steak & cheese, or pulled pork

  • Empanadas:

Chicken, Beef & Vegetable empanadas with a variety of dipping sauces

Sea Cliff Deluxe Brunch Buffet

Sea Cliff Deluxe Brunch Buffet


  • Choice of linen
  • Floral centerpieces
  • Wi-Fi service
  • Private room with staff
  • Microphones, Screen, & Podiums

Breakfast Assortment

  • Waffles with berries, syrup & cream
  • Omelet and egg station with an attendant
  • Mini potato pancakes served with apple sauce & sour cream
  • Country sausage
  • Breakfast pastries & breads
  • Chilled juices, select coffees, teas & cold soft drinks


  • Penne ala vodka
  • Chicken francese
  • Fillet of sole
  • Mediterranean rice pilaf
  • Green beans seasoned, tossed with sesame seeds
  • Fresh spinach salad garnished with strawberries


(May, 2016)

Children’s Mitzvah Buffet Menu

Children’sMitzvah Buffet

  • Philly cheese steaks made to order by an attendant
  • Baked mac & cheese
  • Chicken parmesan
  • Hand made assorted pizza
  • Make your own taco bar
  • Chipotle & cheese sweet corn
  • Angus beef sliders
  • Petite pups en croute
  • Fried potatoes
  • Buffalo hot wings


  • Ice cream sundae station
  • Fruit kabobs


(September, 2014)

Sea Cliff Classic Mitzvah

Sea Cliff Classic Mitzvah


  • Five hour open bar
  • Hand decorated floral towers
  • Choice of colored linens
  • Maitre d’service
  • Champagne chair covers
  • Private water view room & deck

Cocktail Hour:

  • Hors d’oeuvres – eight chef prepared passed hors d’oeuvres
  • Appetizer table: Garden fresh crudités with dipping sauce, Assorted chef made bruschetta, Chef made krugel, Artisan cheeses garnished with fruit and served with water crackers, Smoked Nova salmon with mini bagels red onion, capers and cream cheese, White fish salad & chopped liver served with Russian rye triangles.
  • Slicing Station: An attendant to carve, Hot corned beef or beef brisket, served with mustard and pumpernickel bread
  • Pasta Station: An attendant serving your guests three chef made sauces, blended with imported pasta

Served Dinner:

First Course

  • Choose one of our fresh made salads


  • Tart lemon sorbet, garnished with mint


  • Choose two entrée selections from a large assortment, fully created and prepared by our chefs. Vegetarian selection included.


  • Each table will receive a desert tower, which includes, European styled pastry, fruit bars, chocolate dipped strawberries, powered grapes and assorted cookies
  • Assorted coffees and teas
  • Espresso bar with cordials with an attendant


Classic Mitzvah Entrees

  • Grilled Tenderloin – Grilled sliced tenderloin with a reduction of Merlot wine and balsamic vinegar, garnished with wild blueberries
  • Salmon – Center cut salmon marinated in lime juice and served with mango coulis
  • Tomatlicious Tilapia – Fillet of tilapia, baked with diced tomatoes, capers and artichoke hearts
  • Chicken Florentine – Sautéed boneless breast of chicken served with a lemon butter sauce on a bed of spinach
  • Duet – Sliced grilled tenderloin and baked jumbo shrimp served with a butter-crumb dressing
  • Loin of Cod – Captain cut loin of cod, stuffed with a crabmeat dressing
  • Duckling – Roasted boneless duck breast, served with a tangy cherry sauce
  • B & B Chicken – Semi-boneless chicken breast marinated and finished with Benedictine brandy and fresh herbs
  • Sea Bass – Wild caught sea bass, oven roasted and served with a creamy Champagne sauce
  • Rack of Lamb – Oven roasted baby lamb chops served with a fresh mint mayonnaise
  • Prime Rib of Beef – Certified Angus prime rib, seasoned and slow roasted for hours to retain the natural flavor


(September, 2014)

This Little Piggy Roast

Invite your guests to the ultimate pig roast.

Enjoy a charcoal roasted whole pig, seasoned and marinated by our chefs.


  • Bourbon baked beans
  • Red skin potato salad
  • Baked mac & cheese
  • Fresh baked corn bread
  • Chipotle corn on the cob
  • Creamy cole slaw


  • Fruit cobbler with whipped cream

(September, 2016)